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Finance Associate Program

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The Fox Finance Associate Program is a full-time, entry-level program designed to provide recent college graduates with experience in the finance and/or accounting groups. This highly selective program is for undergraduates with a passion for the entertainment industry and a strong entrepreneurial desire to test their abilities and enhance their leadership skills. The program provides an unforgettable first-hand experience, allowing Associates to work on a variety of assignments and projects within a 20th Century Fox finance department.

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How to Apply

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  • B.A. in Finance, Accounting, or Economics, graduating in Spring/Summer 2018.
  • Relevant experience through previous internship or work experience.
  • Strong analytical skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and a good understanding of analytical tools, including Excel and other finance and/or accounting programs.

Interview Process

Interview Process


Are you accepting candidates with Master’s degrees?
No. We are only accepting resumes from undergraduate students with a B.A. or B.S. degree.
If I graduate in Fall 2017, can I still be considered for the program?
No. We are only accepting applications from candidates graduating in Spring/Summer 2018.
If I am a current Fox employee, am I eligible to apply?
If you are a full-time student graduating in Spring/Summer 2018, you are eligible to apply.
I am an employee at Fox, and I would like to recommend a candidate.
Referrals should apply to the position on this site. Candidates should include your name in the “referral” box. Apply now.
I am on a visa. Will Fox pay for my work visa?
We do not sponsor visas for this program.
Can the process be expedited if I receive an offer from another company?
Unfortunately, we can’t expedite the process.
If I live in another state, can I still be considered for the program?
Where is the position located?
The position is located in Century City, CA.
If I am invited to the executive panel interview, will I have to pay for travel and hotel accommodations?
No. 20th Century Fox will cover the cost of airfare, hotel, and meals during your panel interview. We will discuss in further detail with eligible candidates.
I don’t have a degree in finance, economics, or accounting. Can I still apply?
The program is exclusively for students graduating with degrees in finance, economics or accounting. If you are interested in other career opportunities with Fox, please visit the Opportunities tab of this careers website.
When does this position start?
The program is expected to start in July or August 2018. More details about the exact date will be discussed during the interview process.
Will this be a rotational program?
This position will be in a finance or accounting department with 20th Century Fox.
In what department will the position be placed?
Candidates’ major, experience, and skillset will be evaluated to help determine the department where they will work. Our goal is to place Associates within an environment where they will be successful and grow to their fullest potential.
Is this a full-time position?
Yes. It is inclusive of benefits, 401(k), vacation, and holiday pay.
When does the submission period end?
The deadline to submit your application is March 30, 2018. Apply now.
Will I be notified if I am no longer considered for the program?
The FAP team will send an email notification to all candidates no longer in consideration.

More questions?

Still can’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to contact us with your questions at Please note that although we appreciate the initiative, sending your resume via the FAP address will not give you a competitive edge.

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